Sidewinder II 180º Swing Carriage

Heavy Duty 180 Degree Swing Carriage for Telehandlers

(Pictured above with option man basket work platform)


Swing Carriage
  • Full 180 degrees of articulation.....very smooth left and right swing for load handling stability
  • Great for use with man baskets, palletized loads, long materials, lumber, piping, conduit, steel beams & much more
  • Left & right swing controlled by auxiliary hydraulics joystick in the forklift cab
  • Our 180 degree swing carriage has drift-free holding power......even on sloped terrain
  • Articulation adds versatility to your telehandler to maximize ROI with our 180 degree swing carriage
  • Get into the tight spots with materials & man baskets - no need to rent a boom
  • 180 degree swing carriage allows you to run parallel to work surface, less repositioning of lift saves time & money
  • Save time and increase worker safety while stocking upper level floors of projects
  • 60 wide carriage standard, custom sizes available
  • Customized mounting plates to match your telehandler


  • The Sidewinder 180 degree swing carriages' rotary actuator design is ultra compact and makes it one of the strongest and safest 180 degree swing carriages available today for a variety of heavy duty applications
  • Heavy load-carrying capacity; 8000 lbs. maximum capacity standard, 4000 lbs. rotated left or right 90 degrees. Custom capacity swing carriage units available
  • Large internal nylon composition bearings support heavy radial moment and thrust loads without additional external bearings on our 180 degree swing carriage motor providing years of use for your investment
  • Straddle mount: the load is supported at both ends of the shaft creating superior strength and less load stress, Sidewinder II is built to withstand heavy duty construction, commercial job site, mining, power plants and industrial applications
  • Corrosion resistance: tough exclusion seals minimize ingress of dirt and moisture; grease ports enable contaminants to be flushed from bearings; no exposed gears or teeth increasing actuator life and safety; sealed systems protects against harsh elements and conditions allowing the 180 degree swing carriage to be used in various environments and conditions
  • High shock resistance: innovative sliding spline operation distributes loads equally over all teeth resulting in outstanding resilience to shock loads and unparalleled holding capability making our 180 degree swing carriage one of the strongest unit available
  • Built in braking system protects against unwanted swing if there is a loss of hydraulic pressures, Sidewinder 180 degree swing carriage has undergone laboratory testing and achieved a 3 to 1 safety factor for load ratings
  • Professionally engineered, laboratory tested, contractor approved!

 180 Degree Swing Carriage

180 Degree Swing Carriage


180 Degree Swing Carriage

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